Our Focus


Through a collaborative process, Glass Ladder Group supports cutting-edge organizations to cultivate transformative culture, communication and leadership within their organizations leading to increased impact and organizational success.

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cross-cultural relations

At the Glass Ladder Group, we understand that culture is at the core of everything. Our cross-cultural solutions help to increase the knowledge and skills needed to communicate more effectively with people who have cultural perspectives that differ from their own.

Whether focused on a specific culture, global diversity, equity and inclusion or relocation, our unique strategies increase awareness, improve behaviors and develop an understanding of how values, attitudes and behaviors impact daily life and success.


organizational culture

Organizations who put people first are arguably the most successful. Through people-centric strategy we support our clients in optimizing organizational culture, strategic planning and communication management opportunities. We develop data backed strategies based on organizational audits and industry respected assessments.

Grounded in authenticity, our strategic solutions are complimented with both research and training to ensure that our clients know exactly what they need to do to improve organizational performance and how to do it.

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LEAdership development

Great leadership is the foundation of innovation and excellence. Designed for both organizational managers and individual contributors, our science-based approaches help clients to create a blueprint for great leadership.

Rooted in critical concepts such as the self, motivation, influence and strategic thinking, we help our clients find the leader in themselves and support the leadership of their people.